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Oxo-Biodegradable Zip Lock Bags

Zippit™ Oxo-biodegradable bags

BagCo is proud to be the first plastic packaging company in Australia to offer oxo-biodegradable Ziplock or Press Seal Zippit bags.

 We offer Oxo-biodegradable bags as the most economical and practical solution to our environmental issues with plastic bags.

We are utilizing the most advanced technology in incorporating an environmentally friendly additive to the plastic resin at the manufacturing process. 

This pro-degradant technology carefully controls the life of the bag and only in disposal of the bag the degradation process can occur.

The process reduces the molecular length of the plastic to the extent that plastic characteristics are lost and it becomes available for biodigestation by bacteria and fungi.

This crucial step means that the discarded bag can return safely into the environment as biomass, water and carbon dioxide. 

BagCo Oxo-Biodegradable bags are recyclable and food contact approved and do not contain heavy metals such as Cobalt, Copper and Manganese.

Our products are designed and manufactured with the environment in mind and should be used with confidence.